Warranty and Care


The warranty operates in accordance with statutory provisions. The two-year warranty period begins when the goods are dispatched to the client. The warranty does not cover damage due to natural wear and tear, improper use, and lack of or incorrect care.


Leather is a natural product, with a living character which changes with aging in a natural way. Signs of use enriches the leather with some patina and give it an incomparable look.

In general, leather bags and accessories require moderate cleaning. Most traces of dirt can easily be
removed with a damp cloth. First a test cleaning is recommended on a hidden part of the product to
see if it leaves any traces.

Some soft leathers can be treated with some lotion creme designed especially for leather. If decided to use such creme always study the instruction sheet and select a matching colour. Please note that cremes or sprays might darken the original colour of the leather. Chemical stain removers are not suitable for leather goods.