Continous Press is a mini open-side fusing press machine, required small space for installation and can be moved to any place easily. Divided heater system with heat-element to check the temerature.It has a special „super linear” belt to eliminate the beltwarping and ensure to it longer life.

Loops and chains bartaking machine. It is an exclusive product for the high quality bartacking of loops for belts and watch straps and for bartaking of leather material in metal chains.

Direct drive programable elektronik pattern with cylinder bed machine. The new field machine available in different version about sewing area size, and an electronic lock stitch machine.

Single Needle Electrinic Programmable Rotary Head Computerized Sewing Machine

Multi-head embroidery machine is suitable for mass production in factories. Since it has multiple sewing heads, it is possible to embroider the same pattern in large quantities. It has brought high efficiency and high quality to reality.

Single-needle three-synchronous column rocker-arm sewing machine, it is suitable for narrow edge seam as well.

Innovative machine for bartacking of buckles on belts.

New in design and revolutionary in the working system, the Horizontal Automatic Belt Dyeing Machines allow to save considerable physical energy and to increase productivity, thanks to the horizontal position of the working top.

Single needle, three synchronous cylindrical 360 °rotary arm sewing machine, suitable for sewing with narrow margin and narrow edge.